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How To Read Guitar Tabs - Tab Symbols 3

Learn how to read guitar tabs with this free lesson. On this page I'll show Shift Slide, Trill, Tapping, Natural Harmonic and Pinch Harmonic. Check out the rest of the Tab Symbols pages to learn what the other symbols mean.


shift slide   Shift Slide - Pick the 1st note and then pick the 2nd note.


trill   Trill - Very rapidly alternate between the 1st and 2nd note by hammering on and pulling off.


tapping   Tapping - Fret the 2nd note and then tap or "hammer" the 1st note with your pick hand and then pull off.


natural harmonic   Natural Harmonic - Place the fret hand lightly on the note shown and pick the note.


pinch harmonic   Pinch Harmonic - Pick the note and have your thumb slightly catch the string after it is picked. Pinch harmonics take some practice but man they sound cool.

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